Bill Nye

I remember back when my children were younger, they used to watch “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, but after that, Bill Nye sort of disappeared.  But recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of Bill Nye over the Internet.  Just this month, the “science guy” has debated both a creatonist and a climate change denier.  He has also been forced to deal with new critics in the media, who are wondering why he chose to debate with Biblical literalist Ken Ham, giving his opponent credibility.

A lot of people in America don’t believe in science.  One in four Americans don’t believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the other way around.  On February 4th, Bill Nye debated with Creation Museum head Ken Ham, who believes that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago by God.  Bill Nye is concerned that if creationism is taught to children, then America won’t be able to move forward.  This past Sunday, Nye also debated with Rep. Blackburn, from Tennessee, about climate change on Meet the Press.

The spike in climate change has risen by 30 percent in the past fifty years; a dramatic and terrifying change.  The fact is simple: global warming is real, and there is overwhelming scientific evidence to back that up.  Anything else is simply suspicion and misinformation.  Big Oil and Big Coal have been feeding Americans with misinformation, working to cast doubt on the scientific consensus that climate change is real and has grave consequences.  

While many Americans are debating whether or not global warming is real, this is hardly a “debate” amongst the scientific community.  There is no doubt that it is real.  While carbon dioxide emissions in the US are down, China has since passed the US as the world’s greatest emitter of greenhouse gases.

During Bill Nye’s debate with Blackburn this past Sunday, any rebuttal that Blackburn had was met by Bill Nye with hard, scientific facts.  Up north, glaciers are shrinking fast, jeopardizing water supplies.  The bark beetle, which flourishes during warmer winters, has killed forests over a gigantic swath of British Columbia.  In Alaska, there are “drunken forests” of leaning trees.  Late-appearing icepacks has left Arctic villages exposed to horrible early storms off the Bering Sea.

While global warming and climate change is nothing that people want to hear about, Bill Nye is more than willing to educate the American populace.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.  And Bill Nye, for the sake of the world, is more than willing to be that somebody.


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