Dr. Michael Schlitt, Neurosurgeon

Dr. Michael Schlitt’s Walking Program

Dr. Michael Schlitt’s newest blog post

My walking program is divided into three stages, and it is important to keep them separate. In other words, don’t get impatient and try to combine them or do them all at once!

Stage One is to get to be able to walk two miles – period. No one should try to reach this goal in less than a week. The amount you increase per day is not important, as long as you are making progress; you should also not try for speed. Repeat the two miles per day several times before moving to the next stage.

Stage Two is simply to pick up the pace. For patients under 55, the goal is to get to two miles in less than 45′; for the over 55 set, under 50′. Again, approach the goal gradually; I do not want you to walk two miles in 70′ one day and 42′ the next. This stage, like the whole program, is a progression.

Stage Three is for core strengthening. The watch phrase is “Resist the Twist”. Start with a six ounce water bottle in each hand and try to keep your nose and belly button pointed straight ahead at all times. Having weights in each hand will tend to twist your trunk and neck in opposite directions; resisting the twisting is what builds your core back and front, pelvis to head.

Get started and good luck!

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